Welcome to the website of A Simple Faith (ASF), a Christian Community that meets, worships, and serves in the Santa Rosa Beach, Florida area.

Yes, we are a church, but we are not very structured. Rather, our little congregation is a place where Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans, Nazarenes, Methodists, and those who don’t know what to call themselves come together, not in some interdenominational goulash, or in protest against institutionalism. We come together recognizing that there is no hope in organized religion, there is only hope in Christ.

Join us on the journey.

To make prayer requests, inquire about news updates, or share other concerns, please click to email us here. You may also contact the monthly Council person by clicking on our LEADERS page at the top of the page.

Connect with us and keep up to date by visiting our A Simple Faith Church page on Facebook!

WANT TO GET INVOLVED?  To contact us about  upcoming activities at A Simple Faith just click on NEWSLETTER on our menu.  If you’d like to contact us directly, please send an email to ronniesgirlfriday@gmail.com or Pastor Ronnie at ronniemcbrayer@gmail.com


A Simple Faith’s Sunday services are now on YouTube!

Below is a YouTube link to A Simple Faith’s  Sunday morning gathering. In addition to Ronnie’s talks, you’ll get a full dose of Sean Dietrich and “The Sea Biscuits.” It is updated weekly. Enjoy!

  A Simple Faith YouTube Channel

On the Road…Again

For more information, click on “WE’VE MOVED” at the top of the page.  See you Sunday!




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