Welcome to the website of A Simple Faith (ASF), a Christian Community that meets, worships, and serves in the Santa Rosa Beach, Florida area.

SERVICES AT 10:00 am

Yes, we are a church, but we are not very structured. Rather, our little congregation is a place where Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans, Nazarenes, Methodists, and those who don’t know what to call themselves come together, not in some interdenominational goulash, or in protest against institutionalism. We come together recognizing that there is no hope in organized religion, there is only hope in Christ.

Join us on the journey.

To make prayer requests, inquire about news updates, or share other concerns, please click to email us here. You may also contact the monthly Council person by clicking on our LEADERS page at the top of the page.

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WANT TO GET INVOLVED?  If you’d like to contact us directly, please send an email to ronniesgirlfriday@gmail.com or Pastor Ronnie at ronniemcbrayer@gmail.com

church 1“Workin’ on a Building…”

ASF has grown to a point that we face two equally challenging dilemmas: 1) The space we can afford, we can’t fit into. And 2) The space we can fit into, we can’t afford. Renting adequate space (as we have been able to do for 8 years), would now exceed $125,000 a year. Thus, after more than a year of research and planning, we have purchased a land lot in the Blue Mountain Beach Industrial Park (see www.bmbindustrialpark.com for location details – our site is “C1”). There we will build a 6,000 square feet metal building with worship space for nearly 300, a kitchen and dining hall, space for children’s ministry, Bible studies, and parking.

Second, through the generosity of an individual, we were able to purchase this property for just over $200,000. This money will have to be repaid, but the arrangement keeps us out of the traditional banking system. Also untraditional will be the space itself. It will be a nice facility but extremely practical, built as flex space for multiple uses. Beyond accommodating our needs, in time it will be a fantastic venue for music or the arts; a place where tutoring and other outreach can be done; it will have showers so a mission team (or a hurricane relief team) can be housed; and be opened to provide cold weather sheltering. It will not be a steeple-clad cathedral. It will look like a warehouse but serve as a launchpad to serve the community.
Third, our best estimate for the entire project (including the land) is around $600,000. Now, we aren’t taking pledges or running a capital campaign to meet this goal, but we do need your help. Many – even this week – have expressed their eagerness to give toward construction. Please do so as you are able. Simply designate your gift “Construction” or “Building” and it will be so directed. Certainly we will update you regularly in regards to the financing and the building progress – as these two pieces are bound together as one.
Fourth, Charlie Sibley is serving as our general contractor. He is a friend of ASF, has traveled to El Salvador with us on multiple occasions, and has constructed other buildings in this Blue Mountain Beach complex. Due to permitting, insurance, and liability concerns, “walk on” help at the site is not permitted. There is much many of you can do “hands on.” Some have already contacted me about ways they can help, but this will need to be carefully coordinated for everyone’s safety and well being.
And finally, this building is not the end. The temptation is to think that we will “finally own something of our own” so we can settle in for the long haul. Yes, this will be our temporary home for a while, but in a few short years I imagine the process will begin again, the process of looking for that simple, affordable, practical place to gather together. More information will follow, and please do not hesitate to email me directly with your questions.


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